Monday, January 23, 2012

ROTF N.E.S.T Ironhide

I know most of my friend's ask me too, why not the original Black Ironhide, I do have a Deluxe Ironhide in original colours. It seems that black covers all the details on the figure unless viewed in closeup or with really nice light coloured highlights, the N.E.S.T version really is a better choice in terms of figure-wise, being grey the details are much more visible, the head, arms and legs are still black though and the only downside is the new weapon, a giant Gatling gun, don't get me wrong, BFGs are good but only one? It would be cool to have 2 BFGs.

Hi, once again, this time, I gotten myself an Voyager class Ironhide from N.E.S.T line added some reprolabels Autobot insignia and swopped the head. (Apologys for the low quality pictures, cam still doesn't work right) So I got a cheap clearance Fast action Battlers Ironhide which has a head sculpt I prefer more, unscrew the head, remove the ball joint connector and pop the head on the body, now there's a Ironhide to be happy about.

 Original Ironhide head (top)

Fast Action Battler Ironhide (right)

A real simple modification to beef up your Ironhide, the remaining head fits on FAB Ironhide but kinda hinders transformation. Next up, I'm gonna get more  GUNS for Ironhide...till next time....

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