Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transformers DOTM Voyager class Sentinel Prime

Since I'm taking some time off for the Chinese New Year, I have lotsa time to spare. Anyways, remember after watching Transformers DOTM movie, there was a few new characters that everybody was dying to get a hold off. For me, firstly it was Shockwave and second it has to be Sentinel Prime.

Though there was a leader class version of Sentinel Prime with accuurate blade weapon and shield, I still decided to get the voyager class one, mainly due to size. The bad news is the voyager class version lacks the blades and shield.

So I decided to give my Sentinel Prime a shield and blade.
This is really quite simple, the shield is just the claw armor plate of a Zoids Genobreaker while the blades are just Transformers United's Drift's twin blades. All it needs now is a nice silver paint job.

Viola! You have a Sentinel Prime with weapons although I would like it more if the shield was a tad smaller but it doesn't look that bad. As for the double blades, the peg fits on each fists nicely but for them to get into the fists holes underneath the fists, some filing on the handles of the swords would help.

There's no way to store the sheild but for the blades, any of the mech tech ports are quite useful, for me, I put on both sides of the mech tech weapon.

With a weaponised Sentinel Prime, he's ready to do battle with Optimus or gut Ironhide....or wreck anybody who opposes his will to save his kind......or even Megatron......what an ending that will be.....

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