Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transformers DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime with blades?

During the mid-autumn sale at departmental store OG, I stumble upon a big box at the toy section, it was huge, it was alluring, it was Optimus Prime, Ultimate Optimus Prime to be exact. Though never appearing in the movie, the sheer size was quite attractive and with the sale price what more can a geek ask for.

Not a bad figure with exceptions to the Optimus Prime's arms transformation, this is a nice rendition of the movie verse Optimus. Figure aside, given the fact that the trailer transforms into a huge armor armament for Prime and a giant cannon, there is another issue about this toy is the lack of weapons for the Optimus Prime cab.

Well, I decided to give mine a upgrade, taking the mech tech weapon from the deluxe DOTM Optimus Prime and customizing blades from Zoids Genobreaker (shown on top) and the blades (below)

The blades are easy to custom, just file down the pegs as it's too big go into any mech tech ports then cut blades into the desired shape. Do take note, don't sqeeze the pegs into Prime before you file it down, if not, you might crack and cause stress marks on the pegholes.
When finished, you have an Optimus Prime ready for battle.

As for storage in robot mode, I prefer it to be on the back as the back transformations covers the blades really well.

In vehicle mode, I guess just peg them to the sides, the other positions look abit awkward.

The blade can be pegged on the deluxe prime too!

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